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Our core investment belief when we started NEWCOR in 1987 was capital preservation first with profit second.  After years of partnership experience, we remain unwavering in our commitment to this principle.  Since NEWCOR’s inception, we have been consistent in creating value added real estate investments in commercial real estate.

The foundation of NEWCOR is the strength of our team environment and careful adherence to developing a reputation of perseverance, respect and integrity.  NEWCOR’s value-enhancement strategies for improving an investment potential for capital appreciation include aggressive leasing, capital improvements, repositioning and operational plans to grow net operating income.  We believe our diverse and experienced team excels at finding value across a broad spectrum of potential real estate investment opportunities. While we continue to grow a company, our objective is to realize the greatest possible return. These values will remain the most important building block of our future success.



NEWCOR conducts our investment activities through a series of funds.  NEWCOR’s clients are trusts, self directed retirement funds and high net worth individuals.  Previously purchased property types include medical office, office buildings, office condos, retail, apartment communities, mini warehouses and warehouses.  The characteristics of the properties in which NEWCOR seeks to invest have historically been undervalued, mismanaged and undercapitalized properties.  Upon purchasing target properties, NEWCOR formulates and aggressively implements property specific leasing and management plans.  This strategy includes making value added capital improvements where appropriate.

Since 1989 NEWCOR has executed a focused value added investment strategy on behalf of its clients.   We believe NEWCOR has demonstrated a consistent track record over multiple market cycles due to an exhaustive focus on operating properties optimally and constantly adapting business plans to changing market conditions.  This proactive and flexible asset management style facilitates risk management and enables NEWCOR to take advantage of Investment opportunities as they arise.

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